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The acronym LTE (Long Term Evolution) refers to the internationally agreed next step in the ongoing development of mobile technology and offers higher data rates than GSM or UMTS. LTE is still deemed to be 3rd generation mobile technology and has the chronological designation 3.9 G. As in the case of other mobile technology generations, a network comprising base stations covering a certain area and compatible terminals are needed for operation.

LTE has been designed in such a way that it can be operated in different frequency ranges from about 700 MHz to 2700 MHz. It is not yet clear which frequencies will be used in which country. In Germany the frequency range of the Digital Dividend is attractive. This range which is being retrieved from the broadcasting service is technically especially suited to the rural implementation of broadband access (high-speed Internet access). In the other frequency ranges earmarked for LTE in Germany, the network structure to be established largely resembles the current cell structure of existing mobile networks. For this reason numerous existing mobile communication sites will also be used for LTE technology.

In the Federal Network Agency's frequency award proceedings guidelines (Administrative Order 59/2009) for the frequency range of the Digital Dividend (790 - 862 MHz) it is assumed that the maximum EIRP levels in relation to 5 MHz wide frequency blocks will be 56 dBm (400 W) in urban areas and 64 dBm (2.5 kW) in rural areas.


Health protection

The transmitter power at each LTE site will normally exceed 10 W EIRP so that the base stations will be subject to the BEMFV's regulations. Hence, in order to be able to monitor adherence to the limits for the protection of persons exposed to electromagnetic fields a Site Certificate issued by the Federal Network Agency will be necessary for LTE sites.


Date of modification: 2010.07.14

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